Jul 12, 2010


My dear Family and Friends,

I owe each one of you a HUGE and heartfelt "thank you". I mean it.

IMG_3717 Yesterday was my birthday. Completion of my 32nd summer on this blue heaven. (Yeah I know, I don't look like 32.

And yeah again, I do count “summers” not "Sawan" as they do in Hindi. You can take a beach bum out of Goa but you cannot take the summers out of her...) IMG_3710

My day started with a very sweet birthday wish from my loving husband at  midnight on the day before.

Morning came with the announcement from Princess Diya - "Aaj mumma ka birthday hai, isiliye mein school nahi jaunga!". This followed by the chorus "Happy Birthday, Chachiji" by my nieces and nephew.

IMG_3706 IMG_3705 IMG_3707

The whole day my cell phone kept ringing. (and I smiled each time I picked it.).

IMG_3708My Gmail overflowed with notifications from facebook when people all over the world left messages. (and I smiled each time I checked the unread mails.).

Went to the temple and was greeted by a whole new picture of My Kanhaji on the wall. It was as if he dressed specially for my birthday. I was mesmerized. ("Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder...", heard somewhere?)

Then we went to get treat items for dinner party at home. When we came  back, another surprise awaited us. The kids had arranged a mouth watering pineapple cake, candles that said "32" and even balloons....

We had a blast. IMG_3671

I know this was one of the most memorable birthdays I ever had. Thanks for each one of you for making it so special for me...

I know I’ve been going through rough times these last few months. It was as if my Kanhaji was flooding my day with happiness, making each of you as an instrument of His wish in communicating to me that happy days are just starting. I was overwhelmed.

Love you all, can’t thank you enough…


(oh my sentimental? me? I must be really getting 32-ish…whatever…)