Nov 20, 2008

10 min. stress-buster…

It's 6.20 PM.

You are in office.

You have a client call that starts at 6.30 PM and goes on till 8.00 PM or even later.

You have a dear husband and a naughty 3-yr-old waiting for you at home.


What do you do to clear off your mind from the building up stress?

Having found myself in such situation more often than I would have liked lately, I decided to take charge and do something different …

I grabbed a marker and monopolized the whiteboard for the next 10 mins…


Here’s the outcome…


Had to leave it unfinished due to my meeting, but was I glad of the outcome? You bet!!!



Aug 6, 2008

"Sparks on ice" and other weekend work

I created a lovely jewellery set this weekend.

Red and white earrings and bracelet. Passion and Purity interwoven in a delicate design.

Here's is the matching necklace.

Check out the little dangle at the back end where there is the hook.
This pendant ties it all together:

I would like to name this piece as of understated elegance as "Sparks on ice", because that's what it looks like. Doesn't it? :)

Another small everyday piece I made was this pair of earrings:

Cute, na? :)

Jun 22, 2008


House on the rock


Two new earrings

I like making jewellery, my way of expressing the essence of someone else. My pieces may not be very very professional looking, but they speak what I feel about the person I make them for.

Like these earring here, they are for Sally - a kind lady who is warm and welcoming like the soft pink pearl; fresh and delicate like the green swaroski crystals.

This pair on the right is for Sumana, another sweet lady - open minded, caring, truly empathetic and Indian. I feel very lucky to have met her. Don't these earring speak for themselves?

Mar 4, 2008

New pair of earrings

A few findings + a very small saw toothed plier + cool beads + some creativity = New pair of earrings. :)

Mar 3, 2008


When you are around, I take you for granted. Asking more than what you give, giving less than what I should.

It's the distance like this between us that makes me realize the importance that you have earned in my life. I feel more close to you while I am away. My moments are filled with your thoughts, your presence.

As in, do you remember, I asked you to make my collar proper while I was wearing my coat? Well, it was not because I could not do it. Or the way I tucked in your shirt? Neither was this because I thought you needed help. Well, I was just trying to collect that proximity in my thoughts.....

At times like these when I have to be away from you longer than I can stand, this saved proximity is helping me reach out to you - in my thoughts and dreams.

I am so glad to have you in my life....

Jan 17, 2008

Too much crowd inside me....

Sometime I get too noisy. Without uttering a word. It's not the words spoken out loud which create this noise. It's those silent thoughts within myself. Simply too many things - "I should do ....", "I have got to..." and the list seems endless. Flowing like a noisy little brooke, calling attention to every (in)audible minute.

At such times I long for you. Not to quiten those voices. Not to sort out the chaos. Not to find peace. No, I don't need your help.. Nor your support.. I am strong enough to lift my baggage.

What I want is to be quite... With u... "Together" in our silence...

Jan 2, 2008