Dec 19, 2007

Diya's birthday blast

It's been 2 years since she came in my life and she has turned it all upside down.
* I wake up at 5.45 a.m. (even on Sundays) because she wants her "boo" (milk bottle).
* I come to office and often think about how she must be doing in her (play-)school.
* I go home and get no time even to freshen up when I am bombarded by "dodi" "dodi" "dodi".. meaning that she wants to be picked up...
* I can't join office conferences from home like I used to due to the chaos she makes with her "baat de-do..." (meaning she wants to speak on the phone)...

But in spite of all these I simply love my adorable little daughter
* Every evening her eyes tell me that she missed me...
* Her hugs convey to me love like never before...
* Her sorry is the cutest in the whole big world...
* Her tear filled eyes break my heart...
* Her smile lights up my days....

So, for such an irresistibly loving daughter I had to choose a birthday gift. :) She turned 2 a few weeks ago, the 15th. Here's what we got for her...
1. A bright pink sweater
2. A crayons box
3. A stunning yellow T-shirt with a red colored Dora on it (which she had liked a couple of days earlier)
4. Another tee with Mickey and friends celebrating Halloween on it
5. A yo-yo type ball which glows with multi-coloured lights when she bangs it with her tiny hands
6. A pencil box with ducks and piggies on it
7. A kithen set where she can cook "happa and chai" (bread and tea) for all of us
8. Lots and lots of baloons....

Boy, was she happy!!!! She loved the celebrations through and through. And me? I loved her smile through and through :)

Oct 29, 2007

My new pair of earrings...

My new pair.. I made these and fell in love with them... I am wearing them today with Saree (Indian traditional dress) ..
I know I know,... I am being a show-off... :)

Oct 26, 2007

Red and gold earrings

Its festival season in India and Diwali (the festival of lights) is just round the corner.

I just finished making a pair of earrings for one of my special friends to wear with her red and gold dress which she's bought for this occasion.

Hope she enjoys wearing this lovely pair....

Oct 23, 2007

White chandelier earrings

One of my friends sold me this idea of making something in white... only white... Here is the outcome... :)

Oct 16, 2007

Random sketches...

Aug 24, 2007

I won a prize...

Recently our company newsletter "Sandesh" was released. A voting was conducted for the best article across all offices of my company and my article "Mother's Pride" won the 1st Prize. I just posted the article here for you to read :)

My prize? "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" book!

Few more creations...

Where was I?


I have been keeping too quite lately... Well, not to give excuses, but I've been busy doing a lot of things...

I have recently joined an online interior decoration course and that keeps me busy reading, making assignments etc.

Also, I've been creating a few more things like I had posted earlier... Here are some of the images... :)

Jul 13, 2007

Some more of my creations....

Jul 12, 2007


खुशियों का प्याला कभी, भरा ना मिले तो क्या?
राहों मे फूलों कि जगह बिछे हो कांटे तो क्या?
मन कि उमंगें सदा आसमान छुनेवाली हो
सपने हमारी आंखों के कतई ना खाली हो

जुदाई जो बन जाये मुकद्दर कभी, तो दर्द हो दिल में गिला नही
जिंदगी तो जिन्दादिली को कहते हैं, ये महज साँसों का सिलसिला नही
आख़िरी दम तक होंठों कि मुस्कान नयी निराली हो,
सपने हमारी आंखों के कतई ना खाली हो

आंसूओं के बेशकीमती मोती, पलकों का दायरा ना तोड़े
आहों का उमड़ता सैलाब होंठों का साहिल ना छोडे
तनहाई देने वालों के लिए दुवाएं महफिल सजाने वाली हों
सपने हमारी आंखों के कतई ना खाली हो

Jul 11, 2007

Earrings I made

Over the weekend, I got some time to indulge in my new -found hobby (read addiction).

I made a trip to Chandani Chowk, Kinari Bazaar and Turkmaan Gate and bought some beads, hooks and a plier. Added some creativity to that and the outcome was....

Yes! Yes!! Yessss!!!!

made these earrings .. all by myself... :)

In total I created 12 pairs and am thinking of selling them. Lets see.....

I am so thrilled about this whole beading affair and plan to devote some good effort towards it....

Wish me luck :)


कभी तनहाई में साथ निभाऐं
तो कभी महफील में तनहा कर जाऐं
जब आऐं तो साथ ले जाऐं
सपनों में आकर नींदें चुराऐं
परायी होकर भी अपनी सी
वो अपनों की बातें, ये खट्टी मीठी यादें

अंधेरेमें ये शमा जलातीं हैं
धूप में लेकिन छांव बन जातीं हैं
मुस्कुराती आंखों में
हल्केसे आंसू ले आतीं हैं
कोई खोई- खोई कहानी सी
वो अपनों की बातें, ये खट्टी मीठी यादें

जिनकी यादें साथ हैं,
वो दूर होकर भी पास हैं
ख्यालों में ही सही
पर दिल को ये एहसास है
खामोशी की खुशबू सी
वो अपनों की बातें, ये खट्टी मीठी यादें

Jun 26, 2007







Then you find something that is aloof to all these things…..





………. “Flower”!

Jun 22, 2007


मैं नयी उम्मीद लाती हूँ
हर नए दिन के साथ
मैं ही ख्वाबो के तोहफे भेजती हूँ
अँधेरी रातों के हाथ

दुनिया के हर सुर में
मेरा ही तराना है
दुनिया कि हर शै में
मेरा ही फ़साना हैं

आपका हर सुकून
मेरी मुस्कान में खिलता हैं
आपका हर गम
मेरी आसूओं में ढलता हैं

कभी तनहाई मे आप जो सोचो
कि मैं नही हूँ, कही नही हूँ
तो ज़रा अपने दिल से पूछिये
मैं वही हूँ ... वही कही हूँ ..

बुत को भी जो खुदा बना दे
मैं वो बंदगी हूँ
क्योंकि मैं ..
मैं तो खुद जिन्दगी हूँ ....

Jun 6, 2007

Moon and the Sea

The moon peeps down
from behind the coconut palms
The sea is so eager
to gather her in his arms

So shy is the moon
she hides behind a cloud
To take her veil away
the sea sends his tides

Every night he proposes
though they both know their fate
However true their love is
she can never be his mate....

Jun 4, 2007

Little things

A soft smile
that lights up a day
A gentle pat
that shows the way

The look in your eyes
that says your care
The calm that fills in
when you stroke my hair

These are little things
that make us big
And guide us lovingly
When the mist is thick...