Aug 18, 2009

Why God made roses?

Each day of our existence brings new challenges, new pressures, new problems – some real, some imagined.

This is not only true for people, but for nature as well.

Look at the rose bush. It just can’t help having all those thorns, can it? But does it crib about it? Whine? Complain?


It dares to reach out and grow roses! Give fragrance, spread beauty !!

May be God wanted to us to take a leaf out of the rose bush’s book and learn to give happiness under all circumstances.

Your thoughts?


Jan 13, 2009

Two more...

In my article "Winter glitter", I had mentioned about two more earring pairs that I had made. Here they are...

Lemon yellow + green with a bold hint of copper

Yellow-green earrings

Sparkling white stones + tiny blue rings

Blue Sparkle earrings_2


Jan 7, 2009

Winter glitter

One of the best things I indulged in during my vacation was jewelry creation. A couple simple findings (the ones shown below) teamed up with beads gave flow to my creative juices. Here are pix for you… :)


First came two different earrings of same set of green+orange beads:

Earrings - 1 Earrings-2

I visited two of my nieces – fun-loving teenagers, during my visit to Gujarat. These are the bracelets I prepared for them as my personal gift.


I was carrying a lovely pink dress along on my trip, so this was the pair to go along with it:


Ms. Diya wanted her own pair of “aa-ha”, so put together these for my little one:


Hmmm… What a great way to spend time… :)

Hope you liked these as much as I enjoyed making them…

p.s. There are two more which I need to photograph and post here. May be tomorrow…? Keep watching this space for more…

Happy working!

Jan 6, 2009

I am back …

So, I have been absent from the e-world lately. Friends have been receiving “Out-of-office” mails in reply to their forwards. No new posts on my blogs. Well, I have been “vacationing”. :)

I had been feeling quite drained, tired and all such things. My husband and daughter had been complaining of not getting enough of “me-time”. So during the year end season, I decided to take all my accumulated leaves and spent 3 weeks with my folks.

Week 1: Lazed around. Celebrated the third birthday of my dear little princess Diya.
Week 2: Went to Baroda (Gujarat) at my sis-in-law’s place.
Week 3: Went to Mahesana and from there to Dwarika, Nageshwaram and Somnath.

Sort of religious trip mostly, but this silver cloud had a gray lining to it – my husband’s aunt passed away. She was a dear old lady with a sweet disposition, kind words and smiles for everyone she met. :( So we did spend 2~3 days paying our condolences, meeting with her children and grand children, generally helping out the grieving family to cope up. Apart from all this I also indulged in things I enjoy doing – cooked, made jewelry, sewed, read books.

There’s so much to tell you that one post will not be sufficient. Therefore, I’ve decided to write each piece as a separate one so I can take you back into a time which I enjoyed very much.

Hope you enjoy reading about it :)