Jan 7, 2009

Winter glitter

One of the best things I indulged in during my vacation was jewelry creation. A couple simple findings (the ones shown below) teamed up with beads gave flow to my creative juices. Here are pix for you… :)


First came two different earrings of same set of green+orange beads:

Earrings - 1 Earrings-2

I visited two of my nieces – fun-loving teenagers, during my visit to Gujarat. These are the bracelets I prepared for them as my personal gift.


I was carrying a lovely pink dress along on my trip, so this was the pair to go along with it:


Ms. Diya wanted her own pair of “aa-ha”, so put together these for my little one:


Hmmm… What a great way to spend time… :)

Hope you liked these as much as I enjoyed making them…

p.s. There are two more which I need to photograph and post here. May be tomorrow…? Keep watching this space for more…

Happy working!


Yachna said...

Beauuuuuuutiful... You get better with every new creation..seriously...
When am I getting one :) ?